Most people don’t go off sex.

They go off the repetitive nature of sex.

Perhaps an Adult Sex and Intimacy Coach can help


You want a phenomenal sex life. You might have even had one… once upon a time. But somewhere along the line, things have changed.

Maybe you’re experiencing these symptoms of a mediocre sex life:

  • Average Sex

  • No sex

  • No language for sex

  • Sex is dull, boring, repetitive

  • Sex is not worth the effort (worth repeating)

  • Sex is deprioritised

  • I have to do it all

  • Thinking, “they don’t want me.”

A phenomenal sex life requires intimacy, caring, love & a capacity to play. But that feels so far away from your current reality.

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At least 1 of these 7 beliefs are contributing to your sexual frustration…

  1. “We should know how to do sex properly.” 

  2. “Everyone else knows what to do but me/us.”

  3. “The sex act is all done, naturally, through body language and telepathy.”

  4. “Everything should lead to penetrative sex.”

  5. “Orgasm and ejaculation are the goal of sex.”

  6. “Sex without orgasms and ejaculation is not real sex.”

  7. “My partner should know how I feel.”

Those kind of harmful beliefs can make us too embarrassed to talk about sex.

Or sometimes, it means any talk about sex leads to a fight.

And when you’re afraid to talk about sex, it makes it very hard to get out of a sexual rut.

Needs go unexpressed.
Feelings get hurt.
People feel invisible to each other.
We fear rejection & criticism.
We feel isolated & alone.

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But what do you do if you’re not ready to give up on the possibility of a phenomenal sex life?

When these things are happening in your life, you need someone to turn to. Someone to discuss this with.
Someone who will not judge you.
Someone who knows their stuff and knows just how difficult it is for all of us to reach out for help.
Having a sex and intimacy coach on your side is like having someone from the future coming back to get you out of a jam and tell you the next lot of winning lotto numbers.
Because finally having a [fulfilling sex life] is like winning the lotto. It can feel like you’ve hit the jackpot.

There’s a whole dimension of erotic life that is possible with a few simple practices (and none of them are in the Karma Sutra). 

Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll experience when you work with me.

  • Simple practices to take home and explore your pleasure with yourself & your sexual partner(s).
  • A safe place to discuss sexual problems so that you can move past them.
  • A personal and tailored plan for you (and your partner, if coming as a couple).
  • A confidential place for the questions that you have but do not know where to ask.
  • Newfound, natural language to discuss your erotic wants and needs so that you can make them a reality.
  • Confidence to try new things without feeling like you're going to embarrass yourself.
  • A self-pleasuring process that gives you more freedom & control over the kind of pleasure you have.
  • The confidence & ability to have great sex without relying on fancy techniques or positions.

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What’s involved in sex & intimacy coaching with Dr. Peter?

Step 1: You reach out and contact me via email, text, or a phone call.


Step 2: We make time for a short, 30-min talk on Zoom or Skype, at no cost. This call is a confidential space for you to explain what you want to improve about your sex life.


You use our time together to decide if we’d work well together & if you’ve got confidence that I can help you change your experience of sex for the rest of your life.


Step 3: If you decide to move forward,  I’ll send you an email with your invoice & a Reflective Learning Questionnaire for you to complete before our first session.


Step 4: Once you have returned your Reflective Learning Questionnaire, you’ll get to choose a time for us to meet.


Step 5: We’ll have our first session on Zoom or face-to-face at my premises in Coorparoo. During this time you will begin to find language and ways to discuss what you are after, exploring the erotic landscape imaginatively, and finding ways to focus on what is important for you.


You’ll also be given one or more specific practice(s) during the session, which you can take home and apply on your own or with a partner.


Step 6: We’ll adapt each future session to what you learned and experienced in applying your practice(s) at home.


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What kind of results can you expect?

After sessions with Dr. Peter, you’ll walk away with: 

  • A sense of excitement that you can create a new & ongoing sexual experience.
  • A map to explore your sexual pleasure.
  • You will begin to confidently expand your capacity for intimacy.
  • A new way to experience your own body, and the body of the person you are close to.
  • Opening a whole world of sexual possibility for you and your partner.
  • Cooperate consciously using simple language to design the sex lives that you both want.

Is this right for me?

Sex and intimacy coaching is perfect for you if:

  • You know you do enjoy sex there is just not as much as you would like.

  • You used to enjoy sex but it is now not worth the effort to keep on doing it.

  • You have lost interest in sex but suspect that it is the type of sex you were having that you have lost interest in. You want to explore other types of sex.

  • You know that sex is more than just physical, it is about intimacy.

  • You’re single and want to expand your appreciation of sex and what sexual experience you can have on your own. 

  • You’re in a committed monogamous, or non-monogamous relationship.

  • You are ready to overcome your own feelings of shame and embarrassment regarding sex.

  • You want the real information and do not want another positive spin on the same old material anyone can read in a Sunday magazine article

  • You want more than just new positions, toys, or tricks. You’re interested in deeper intimacy.

  • You want something that is tailored for you, your history, and what you already know.

  • You have the time, willingness, & motivation to put into your own sex education, including “practicing” at home

But this is not for you if:

  • You blame your partner for your sex problems.

  • You do not want to improve how you communicate with your intimate partner.

  • You are not prepared to try out new experiences and exercises to find out what they bring to your life.

  • You need therapy to deal with old wounds and relationship issues. (You need to do this with a specialist and I can refer you to someone, if needed.)

  • You are not prepared to be vulnerable & try new things.

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Imagine how different your sex life would be if you had a personal roadmap to your own sexual exploration? 


What would it feel like to bring a renewed energy to your sex life?

How different would your sex life be if you could finally use normal, simple language to talk about what you want in sex?

How much faster would you overcome the monotony that you’re currently experiencing in your sex life?

How much more confident would you feel if you knew exactly what turned you & your partner on?

You don’t need to waste days or weeks or months slowly trying to figure out how to rev up your sex life on your own. You’ve already been slowly watching your sex life stagnate over days or weeks or months.

Instead... you can work with me & save yourself from that sexual frustration, from as little as $200 per session.

You could spend that money on a modest overseas holiday. But one year from now, what will have the most lasting impact: 5 days in Bali, or a roadmap to explore (and master!) your sexual pleasure for the rest of your life?  

You decide.

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How/where will we meet?

We meet face to face at 21 Buchanan St, West End, Brisbane. Or else we can make a time to work online using Zoom.

Can I do it on my own or do I need to bring my partner?

You can definitely do this work on your own, or with your partner, or a combination of both.

Can I do this if I’m single?

    Absolutely. This work is great if you are single.

Do you work with people in a same sex relationship?

I work with clients of all gender orientations, sexual persuasions, and family structures. 

Do you work with gender fluid people? 

Yes, I work with gender fluid people and those that are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and questioning and their partners and family structures.

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