Don’t give up on sex just yet...

Sexological Bodywork can help


  •     We've all felt it
  •     We've all wondered why we don't have more of it
  •     We've all wondered when it was that we stopped caring
  •     Daily priorities took us over and those concerns and thoughts are forgotten
  •     Life is comfortable
  •     Pleasure become deprioritised, and falls off the table

Would you like to prioritise pleasure in your life again?
Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone, of the familiar, and learn about pleasure?

  •     It is not difficult.
  •     It is not complicated.
  •     It does require an intention to learn.
  •     It does take effort.
  •     Less effort than learning a new language.
  •     Less effort than decluttering your house and office.
  •     Less effort than learning yoga.
  •     Less effort than starting to run.
  •     Less effort than reading Harry Potter.

What there is to learn may be learned in as little as a few months.
In those few months simple straightforward ideas and practices are presented.
The practices will build a foundation.

This foundation will allow you to expand the pleasure you receive in your life: sensual, sexual, relational, social, romantic, and erotic.

For the whole of your life.
Pleasure can become a foundation of your life.
Wonder no longer and have the pleasure you always dreamed of.

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(2) Taking time to stop and smell the roses ... Very often this sentiment is expressed when a person feels the simple pleasure of the moment – or perhaps they suddenly realise they are missing the simple pleasure of the moment having been caught up by interminable busy-ness. At such times we remember that all things end, and that appreciation of the moment is an essential joy.

(3) Talking about sex is hard … here’s why ... Talking about sex is hard. What do I mean by this? I mean that talking about sex in a relationship is hard, talking in any real detail about desires and fantasies, or techniques and positions, or wanted and unwanted things, or biologies and physiologies, or health problems, or touches and strokes … it’s all so difficult that sexual pleasure is rarely, if ever, discussed.

(4) Loving your erotic charge ...This is an article about making friends with the erotic charge that gets going when you are turned-on so that you do not have to release it as soon as possible but keep it around for a while. It's a challenge.